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After a tour of mom’s villa, Luis Manzano wishes a farm of his own

Actor and TV host Luis Manzano knows how to put one’s money where his mouth is.

It’s evident when he started his own business of a fleet of taxis which ply for hire in various areas of the city. He has also ventured into perfumery which he personally endorses.

Both businesses are making good income for Luis that makes him more stable in life since he also believes that show business isn’t the only career one can choose and harness to earn a decent living.

This time, he is eyeing a farm to produce foods for the tables of many families. “Gusto ko ring magkaroon ng ganito (I also want to have one like this),” exclaimed Luck when he and wife Jessy Mendiola was recently invited by his mother Vilma Santos to her farm in Lipa City.

The huge estate which is called Villa Rosa Ranch overlooking Mount Malarayat has a variety of fruit trees which are already bearing fruits like mangoes ready to be harvested. It also has an aviary and a mini zoo.

The beautiful and idyllic site has inspired Luis to plan his buying a land to be cultivated and planted with fruits and vegetables for regular consumption of the ready market.

Manzano is indeed a hardworking man whose acquisition of a property as soon as possible is a responsibility as he is already married. He is also ready to raise his own family no matter how demanding but it’s an inspiring act as well.

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