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Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s togetherness getting often for comfort

For the third time (or is it more than thrice?) in public discourses in social media, actress Ellen Adarna and actor Derek Ramsay were seen together again in a row.

The first time that the couple was spotted together—although with friends Ruffa Gutierrez and John Estrada—was during a post-holiday party in Derek’s place where Ellen was also seen. It was Ruffa who posted their photos online that caught the fancy of the netizens and show biz denizens who saw the sweetness from the freshly split other half of their former partners—Ramsay had just broken up with Andres Torres while Adarna had just called it quits with John Lloyd Cruz.

When the comments linking Derek and Ellen together came out immensely online, John readily defended his friend. “Pareho namang dalaga’t binata ‘yong dalawa kaya walang problema, di ba (They’re both singles so there’s no problem, right?),” exclaimed Estrada who was also drawn to the hot seat when he was romantically linked to Ramsay that made him burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, was it really a blossoming romance between Ellen and Derek when they were again seen together in a beach house in Batangas Province?

This time the couple was with other non-showbiz friends. The foursome was on a dining table by the sea with Ramsay’s right hand on Adarna’s back. Tongues began wagging again that there must be something very special going on between the two controversial figures. The grapevine was busy milling and crushing juicy items about them. Constant togetherness makes up and leads, usually, to love affair.

During Ellen and Derek’s sea frolic, the actress son Elias by John Lloyd was with her she even dipped the little in the deep.

There is the third time the couple is seen jamming together over the piano where Ellen is a wizard while Derek sits behind her and tinkers on the ebony and ivory keys.

There is also a photo Ramsay holding Elias in his lap inside the car as if the little boy is too close to him for comfort.

The couple has been denying there’s romance between them and they only say they’re just friends.

Friends in love?

Let’s wait and see what Derek and Ellen would spill officially of their constant togetherness.

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