Japanese officials ride MRT-3, inspect rail line improvements

Japanese dignitaries rode the MRT-3 train to inspect rail improvement. They include Secretary to the Minister of Finance Shuntaro Suzuki, Felix Sato of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Diplomats Hiroyuki Kudo and Daisuke Nihei, and representatives from the Sumitomo Corp. 

They were welcomed by MRT-3 General Manager Engr. Federico J. Canar, Jr. and Operations Director Engr. Oscar B. Bongon.

The Japanese dignitaries opted to ride the MRT-3 train from Shaw Boulevard Station to North Avenue Station, where the MRT-3 depot is located, to personally see the actual improvements on the rail line brought about by the Rehabilitation Project of the MRT-3.

The Rehabilitation Project was financed by the Government of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), with Japanese contractors, Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

Under the Rehabilitation Project, which was already completed— all MRT-3 facilities and systems were renovated, including its worn-out tracks, signaling system, and light rail vehicles. The rehabilitated MRT-3 facilities and systems resulted in the increased operating speed of 60 kph from 25 kph, and travel time of 45-50 mins from 1hr and 15mins.

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