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Keanna Reeves, one of Channel 31’s prized possessions

When Channel 31—formerly branded Beam TV and now in closed management of Asian Television Network (ATC)—was formally launched days before the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the stars among many introduced was Keanna Reeves, the quintessential boobsy comedienne who made a mark as an alumnus housemate of ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Big Brother (PBB).”

Obviously, Keanna was one of the most outstanding reinvented personalities to grace the event. Although she was just quiet in one corner, she was a standout apart from the other “seasoned” stars like Nikka Valencia, Maffi Papin, Jojo Abellana and others.

In the open forum, most of the re-launched stars were hoping they could have a fresh start—actually, a jumpstart—from their usual exposures from other networks they felt they weren’t given the necessary push. Nikka was a product of “Ang TV” and other ABS-CBN shows, Jojo Abellana had stints in the late German Moreno’s youth-oriented show, “That’s Entertainment” and other GMA Network programs while Maffi while also a “That’s…” baby went to the US and left a flourishing showbiz career in the country. Mom Imelda Papin is, of course, all out support to her unica hija. At the time, Valencia was very vocal about her stand against ABS-CBN but someone told this writer she has softened her sentiment against the beleaguered station. Meanwhile, Reeves wasn’t around anymore during the question and answer portion. It was she who would make a difference in a shift to another channel.   

In that gig, I was informed that Keanna would be given a solo show which could display her hosting talent with comic flare. It would be a different Keanna Reeves who’s known for doing off-beat roles—first as a sexy actress then as a celebrity housemate in a reality TV show to a comedienne in the tradition of Janice Jurado, Carmi Martin, Angelica Jones—their screen images were that of dumb beauties—and their ilk.

True enough, when her Channel 31 online TV who was aired, she was a sudden sensation—a talk of the town—with her “kikay” brand of hosting “Talk and Trend.” Catching one of the episodes of her show, Reeves was in her element of comic surprises like pronouncing an English word differently and then consulting or asking her co-host if she had pronounced the word correctly or she might as well be corrected. It was a wacky scene that stole the thunder from the other elements in the show.            

Keanna Reeves is indeed a prized possession of ATC and she shouldn’t take this in her head. Humility is the best weapon to succeed.

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