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View of the Makati City Hall complex along Pasig River. (Photo from Patrickroque01 VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Makati rolls out P5,000 cash aid to 114,828 individuals in a week

By Jinky Jorgio

Makati Mayor Abby Binay today said the city government has already rolled out its P5,000-cash assistance to 114,828 qualified individuals, a week after the implementation of the Makatizen Economic Relief Program (MERP).

Under MERP, qualified Makati residents are entitled to P5,000 cash assistance as part of the city’s relief efforts to mitigate COVID-19’s economic impact. 

“I’m happy to report that we already rolled out cash assistance to over 114,800 residents in just six working days. This was made possible through the digital platforms we utilized to reach more beneficiaries faster,” Mayor Abby said. 

The city government has partnered with GCash for the contactless and efficient delivery of financial assistance to residents. 

Mayor Abby also noted that of some 250,000 applications received since she announced the program, 142,267 have been approved. She added that around 10,000 applications were rejected by GCash due to incomplete and incorrect information submitted by applicants. 

Those with rejected applications will receive a call or text message explaining why their application was rejected, and the appropriate steps they can take to get approved, she said.  

“There’s no need to panic because we have allotted enough budget for the program to cover 500,000 residents,” Mayor Abby said. 

She encouraged Makatizens to apply online for the program via the Makatizen App or the www.proudmakatizen.com portal, giving assurance that the processing of online applications is now faster. “Online applicants who qualify can receive their P5,000 in six working days after they register,” she said.

Residents can also visit the portal to view the status of their Makatizen Card application. They just need to enter the application tracking number to access the application status. If they submitted a hard copy, they need to go to the MyMakati Facebook page, send a message and ask for their tracking number.

To qualify as a program beneficiary, one must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Makati or any of the relocation sites managed by the city government of Makati in San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan and Calauan, Laguna.

One must also be registered either as a Makatizen Cardholder, or as a Yellow Cardholder under the Makati Health Program, or as a voter in Makati City.

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