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Sensible cooking tips

During the lockdown, there is a flurry of online cooking videos on various social media platforms. Home-stranded people have turned to discovering their culinary skills by experimenting on kitchen recipes. It’s important to keep in mind crucial guidelines on conserving energy and avoiding food waste.

Here are some useful tips on saving energy, time and ingredients in the kitchen:

Some prefer to prepare the ingredients in the middle of cooking while the cooking gas is on. This is a waste of time and gas. So, prepare all ingredients ahead of cooking and put them within reach. That way, you don’t need to run around the kitchen to hunt for ingredients, cutting short cooking time.

There are those who use the microwave to defrost frozen food. This consumes a lot of electricity. Take out frozen ingredients ahead of cooking, so these would thaw at room temperature.

When tenderizing meat by boiling, cover the pot with the lid and lower the heat as soon as it boils. Leave it simmering until soft and tender, thus maximizing the cooking gas.

The bigger the burner, the more energy or cooking gas is used. When using a small pan, use a smaller burner. But if there is only one burner or your burners are of the same size, turn down the flame as soon as food starts to boil.

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