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The China conspiracy

US President Donald Trump took a lot of beating after he withdrew support to the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing the Geneva-based agency – led by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – of propagating “false information” and charged that its reliance on Chinese data had “likely caused a 20-fold increase in cases worldwide.”

The US contributed $400 million to the WHO last year.

Many were not surprised at Trump’s knee-jerk reaction, typical of his highly criticized management of the outbreak in the US.

The US President was more concerned at restarting the American economy after the medical expert-recommended nationwide quarantine in the midst of spiraling numbers of affected and deaths. In fact, a number of Democrat governors are at loggerheads with their President at the much-clamored lifting of the lockdown at their respective states.

Then the conspiracy theories came out.

A number of governments, including the US, have started investing the theory that COVID-19 broke out of Wuhan laboratory, that the virus could have been artificially developed as a possible bioweapon.

Germany was reported to have started what other countries simply threatened – sending Beijing a multi-billion pound bill for damages wrought by the virus that was presumably released intentionally to the world.

Some also allege that WHO chief Ghebreyesus has a shadowy past in his home-country, that his handling of COVID-19 reflects a similar local incident of cover-up.

A high UN official as Ghebreyesus could not just hide his career background. What researchers would find hard to prove is the link between Ghebreyesus and top Chinese officials.

Conspiracy theorists go further by surmising that China is quietly positioning their people (or those beholden to them) at key world posts such as the UN.

Recent online news posts during the global lockdown reveal that China is silently proceeding with its expansion in the West Philippine Sea.

Several countries have found the COVID-19 test kits donated by China in the hundreds of thousands to be defective. That’s called ‘damage control’ in PR parlance – appeasing those tragically affected by the virus by giving gifts.

Other countries though like South Korea have started lifting their lockdown because they acted swiftly and decisively at the start of the pandemic.

A noteworthy observation is how COVID-19 unmasked the real character of many national leaders.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern showed her true color by showing empathy at regular updates to her citizens.

Meanwhile, our own chief executive rumbles at his late-night public report. Media scrounge for something news-worthy at those updates, which ranges from anything but COVID-19.

He lashes out at political rivals and even insurgents during a period that calls for unity. He keeps repeating his wish to die a hero.

Clearly, he hides something behind his macho projection in front of the TV camera.

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