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KIm Chiu

The mystery behind the Kim Chiu shooting

Many in the biz still couldn’t reconcile Kim Chiu, a young, fragile-looking girl being involved in a recent shooting incident. Why Kim of all people? 

Her Hyundai H350 black van with plate number GAF 6474 was recently riddled with bullets—eight according to Kim—when the vehicle driven by Wilfred Taperla was about to turn left to C.P. Garcia Street from Katipunan in Quezon City. Chiu said that as early as six in the morning she was on her way to a shoot of a TV show (most probably “Love Thy Woman”) she was asleep, lying down on the couch when she heard gunshots. 

When she looked in the windshield right where she was laying below, it was shattered with bullets. She was scared. She didn’t know that happened. 

She asked herself if it was a mistaken identity or was she being fooled around. It was a bad joke, if it was. It could indeed cost her life. 

Kim said she didn’t know of anyone who would bear grudge against her or she didn’t have enemies she knew of. 

She said that the Lord God is the one to take care of the motor riding-in-tandem who fired on them. 

It was enough that she, her Personal Assistant (PA) and her driver were all safe. 

In the initial investigation conducted by the police authorities who formed the Task Force Kim, the Quezon City Police Department believed that there was really someone who wanted to kill Kim other than the motive of “mistaken identity.” Director B/Gen. Ronnie Montejo said that based on the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) footage, the two men in the motorcycle were trailing off Kim’s van. 

Later, Major Elmer Monsalve of the QCPD zeroed in on mistaken identity on the part of the target. 

What could cause the death threat on Kim? She is known in showbiz as a cuddly girl, a demure colleen who is easy to please and to care although some quarters in the biz would say that Kim is sometimes playful. 

“Minsan, nagpahintay ‘yan nang matagal sa bahay sa isang interview pero siguro, pagod lang (One time, she almost stood up for an interview but she might just be tired),” said a showbiz insider. 

But this couldn’t merit a grave atonement as murder. The least that the young actress could get is a bitchy comment or an arched eyebrow or a pinch. 

Anyway, the police are still gathering pieces of evidence to solve the crime and they have invited Kim for some clarification. 

As of the moment, there are still unsolved matters in the case especially the identities of the riding-in-tandem culprits. 

Meanwhile, Xian Lim, Kim’s boyfriend is egging on the authorities for immediate investigation on the case because there was even one fan who expressed her thoughts that no one is safe in this society anymore. 

Xian has thanked everyone who prayed for the safety of her girlfriend. 

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