(Photo Credits: Eddie Boy Escudero)

The New Minstrels nth gen 2022 remixes 1960s Bobby Gonzales’ hit “Hahabol-Habol”

(Photo Credits: Eddie Boy Escudero)

Music is, indeed, timeless.

It is proven once more by a group of musicians who has been taking the whole country storm ever since the seventies.

The New Minstrels, a configuration of multi-generational singers, has embarked anew in the COVID-19 pandemic time a re-recording of one of Philippines’ most popular ditties to enchant the listening pleasure of the audience mired in

It is 2022 and The New Minstrels’ choice of song culled from the 1960s array of local novel and upbeat selection.

Thus, The New Minstrels’ collective re-interpretation of iconic Filipino balladeer Bobby Gonzales’s “Hahabol-Habol” whose lyrics were composed by Clod Delfino and set to melody by Ruben Vega.

Historically, the maiden record album of the group produced by Vicor Music Corporation in the 70s had its cut of the same song.

According to Joseph Olfindo, one of the original members of the troupe, “Hahabol-habol”’s choice in the current version which is being launched today, Friday, January 7, 2022 in Spotify was a common and unified choice of all the members.

Masaya ito. Danceable ang ‘Hahabol-habol’ at ang mensahe ay hindi naluluma (This one is joyful. ‘Hahabol-habol’ is danceable and its message isn’t worn out easily,” said Joseph, a former creative staff of both ABS-CBN and GMA Network, two of the most influential telecommunication giants in the Philippines.

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