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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow to play for Philippines in WBC qualifiers

Filipino-American Tim Tebow of the New York Mets minor league will represent the Philippines in the upcoming World Baseball Classic qualifiers. 

Tebow, born in the Philippines in 1987 and moved to the US when he was three, was a former professional football quarterback and broadcaster. 

Tebow began his baseball career in September 2016 when he signed up with the Mets in a minor baseball league. 

He is now entering his fourth full minor league season with the team. 

Tebow’s current record with the Mets: batting average .223, 18 home runs, 327 strikeouts in 287 games. 

Tebow also played in the NFL as a quarterback — including the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. 

In an interview with USA Today, Tebow spoke about playing for his home country. “You don’t get a lot of chances to represent people or places that mean something to you,” Tebow said. 

“It’s even more than baseball for me,” he added. 

The Philippines is one of four countries vying for a spot in the WBC. 

They begin the qualifiers against the Czech Republic on March 20, in Tucson, Arizona.

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