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As world turns, Channel 31 international hosts cue in

It’s a very innovative and encompassing idea of gathering in international screen presence of a country’s topnotch host on TV.

This cutting edge concept is a novel presentation hatched by chief honchos of Asian Television Content (ATC) which runs the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) free-to-air television network Channel 31 and its major affiliates among social media channels. One of the think tanks is Nel Talavera—also known as Tito Nel in a more personal tone—who is the Business Development Manager of the station.

ATC Channel 31 International was recently launched to serve the public viewing interest of all nations in the world.

“The idea is to choose one country’s crème de la crème in broadcast communication to beam all throughout the world twenty four seven,” said Talavera who’s very excited in the internationally accessible form and content now in place.

For instance, as a Brazilian host takes on cam, one is live streamed in one’s own country and still be watched in other parts of the universe or a South Korean news anchor is fed in Korea and still be accessed in any homeland logged on to ATC. “It’s very challenging in these times of advanced technology and ATC is confident to cover all countries and continents in the world,” exclaimed Nel, the busy bee in the development of the network’s best of the best contents.

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