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(Left)Jogn Regala and (Right)Mel Francisco

Despite incessant denials, John Regala still claims actor Mel Francisco is his dad

In the middle of John Regala’s fight against liver cirrhosis and other physical, psychological and emotional inconveniences he has been rigorously undergoing, actor Mel Francisco still denies him as son. “Hindi ko anak si John Regala (is not my son),” Mel has said again in an interview.

Ever since John has been born, according to Francisco, he wasn’t informed he was his flesh and blood. I was privy to Mel in the late 1980s and he would deny Regala was his son. At the time, I was always keeping eye on the actor (who is blood related to Robin, Rommel, Daniel, Royette Padilla, BB Gandanghari, Zsa Zsa Padilla and the rest of the Padillas in showbiz because his mom is a Padilla, a sister to the late actor Amado Cortez, Roy Padilla—Robin’s dad—etc.) because of the controversy he was dragged into—a love affair with singer-actress Nina Sara who is a sister of Margie Sara, the partner of Mel at the time. I had the story exclusively aired in “Star News” of “TV Patrol.” In my constant togetherness with Mel and Nina, I had all the information given me about the real relationship between him and John.

It’s already 2020 and Francisco is still disowns Regala. “Ni hindi ko nga nakita na nagbuntis si Ruby at nanganak (I didn’t even see Ruby got pregnant and delivered),” stressed Mel who was referring to Ruby Regala, his ex-girlfriend in the 60s’ and John’s mom who died last January in the US.

But John until now insists Mel is his dad. “Lagi niya akong itinatakwil pero siya pa rin ang ama ko (He always disowns me but he is my father),” said Regala when a young man from Tanauan City, Batangas came forward and claimed he was John’s son by a former female entertainer in Japan. “Kaya tinatanggap kita dahil ayaw kong mangyari sa’yo ang nangyari sa akin na itinatakwil ako ng sarili kong ama (I accept you as a son because I don’t want you to suffer what I had for being denied by my own dad).”

Even showbiz people attest that John is indeed Mel’s son. “Naku, ang alam ng lahat ay anak ni Mel si John (Oh! Everybody knows John is Mel’ son),” said veteran entertainment news hen Alice Vergara. “Huwag itanggi ni Mel na anak niya si John. Nakausap ko si Ruby nang manganak siya at sinabi niyang si Mel ang tatay. Nag-live pa sila noon sa isang apartment sa may Roces Avenue (Mel must not deny John is his son. I even talked to Ruby when she gave birth at she confided Mel was the father),” informed erstwhile sex goddess Divina Valencia, a close friend of Ruby.

Magtigil na ‘yang si Mel Francisco (must stop),” Divina curtly commanded.

According to Alice, even actresses Imelda Ilanan and Marissa Delgado can attest that John is Mel’s real son.    

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