DOT’s ‘Have a Safe Trip, Pinas’ campaign promotes safe travels

After the Philippines gradually reopened several tourist destinations, the Department of Tourism (DOT) launched a new travel video dubbed Have a Safe Trip, Pinas – showing the advent of tourism under the new normal. 

Images of a typical out-of-town trip—partaking in tourism activities, lounging by scenic spots, al fresco dining in the moonlight—are combined with scenes of face masks and shields, gloved hospitality staff, and the constant reminders to keep physical distance. 

Armi Millare’s rendition of “You,” popularized by Basil Valdez forty years ago, accompanies the narrative of a young man and woman meeting for the first time as they arrive on an island. 

The video shows we can still experience magic when traveling amidst the pandemic. The strict health and safety protocols implemented by hotels, transport services, and other tourism operators keep guests safe. 

The video also highlights the community benefits of tourism. Behind the happy memories and souvenirs are the hardworking people who make everything happen. The final scenes show real people from Boracay whose jobs and livelihoods were restored when travel restarted. 

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