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Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay are lovers

In journalism, a fact to be indeed one is attended by pieces of evidence and other supporting information to conveniently pronounce it’s the truth.

Speculations abound in any medium especially in the emergence of social media that eventually generate fake news but a speculation can be a source of truth if weeded in and carefully vetted.

In the beginning, the constant togetherness of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay was speculated to be a romance with all the accompanying photos of them very sweet with each other. From the time they were spotted in Derek’s house early this year with friends Ruffa Gutierrez and John Estrada, tongues started to wag that the two were dancing to sweet music together. They were indeed dancing and playing sweet music together when they were photographed and shot touching the piano together. Their rendezvous in beach houses in Batangas would evoke many thoughts of a love story between the two with the special participation of Elias, Ellen’s son with actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Eventually, Adarna and Ramsay would just deny all remarks and comments that they were truly lovers in the real sense of their companionship.

But they are indeed lovers of the first degree.

They are now photographed more romantically and spread the images in all media.

Ellen and Derek have been describing their relationship as hot like coffee and cream.

The actress is now ready to battle bashers and haters although she is taking them flatly as if they don’t exist. The actor has been numb about negative reactions on them as long as he smiles and takes all these nasty comments in stride.

Adarna and Ramsay are happy souls at the moment.

It’s love while it lasts.

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