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Following Bro. Eli Soriano’s death, Vivian Velez joins Daniel Razon’s ADD fold

In the past few days, actress Vivian Velez has been spiritually involved in the ways of the philosophical and the metaphysical soul-searching concretized by her penchant for the natural like growing plants and other foliage. In one description Vivian said cultivating greenery gives her balance and inner peace. 

It was the time the controversial founder of the Members of the Church of God—also known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD)—Bro. Eliseo Soriano or simply Bro. Eli was pronounced dead in Brazil. 

It must be the intersection of godly intervention and human drama to connect, reconnect and relate to the nucleus of faith to the glory of the Universal Creator. 

As a matter of fact, Velez got melancholic and bereaved when Bro. Eli Soriano passed on untimely. She has been following the religious commitment of Bro. Eli early on in his mission as a preacher and as a televangelist. That is why when she decided to be converted to ADD, she was fully aware of what she’s going into. The actress is a big supporter of Soriano and his knowledgebility in theology especially of the Holy Scriptures. 

Vivian is ready to attend the religious gathering of ADD but observing health protocols like wearing masks or face shields, maintaining social or physical distancing and applying disinfectants or alcohol whenever there are congregations to a certain attendance requirements. 

Meanwhile, life goes on in ADD despite the grief and bleakness the group has been suffering since the death of Bro. Eli. 

According to some people inside the church, the remains of Soriano wouldn’t be brought to the Philippines anymore. “Mahirap po ang quarantine sa Brazil kaya po hindi na nakapunta sina Brother Daniel Razon para sa mga labi ni Bro. Eli (The quarantine situation in Brazil is strict so Brother Daniel Razon couldn’t go there anymore for the remains for Bro. Eli),” informed a staff in the inner circle of Church of God. 

Rest assured Daniel has been very attentive and earnest about the funeral proceedings of her uncle in Latin America where Bro. Eli sought refuge when he was ordered by court arrested due to a libel case. It was an online communication between Bro. Eli’s retinue in Brazil and Razon’s protocols in the Philippines. 

It is business as usual for Daniel, anyway in the middle of a loss. 

Radio La Verdad, the Amplified Modulation (AM) Radio, UNTV, the free-to-air television, Wish Frequency Modulation (FM) and other digital platforms of the telecommunications component of the religious sect. 

Daniel Razon is the successor of Bro. Eli Soriano.

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