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An Annie Batumbakal clone makes waves in a suburban south FM radio

There’s an irrepressible voice yelling in the middle of the hinterland of Binan City in Laguna. 

The still grassy and remote barangay of the city where the Local Government Unit Hall is situated has a radio station called Radio Binan, a Frequency Modulated (FM) station which carries an 87.9 band. 

One of its DJs is named Annie Batumbakal, an eponymous moniker derived from the Manila Sound ditty “Annie Batungbakal” of the iconic music group Hotdog in the late 70s which was made into a movie and starred the phenomenal Nora Aunor. 

Annie Batungbakal was a kitsch colorful urban poor go-getter who painted the town red at night particularly in disco houses after her whole day duty as a store sales lady. 

This time, Annie Batumbakal shouts out at 87.9 tuning simultaneously streaming onscreen and makes her listeners jump into action and joy after her crispy tirades, commentaries and boisterous guffaws. Batumbakal goes on air daily from 6 to 7 pm but one of the Production Assistants (Pas) said Annie’s “Super Laftrip” show could even extend past seven. She is regularly joined in by co-anchor Katherine Alexia Go. 

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