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How traffic causes engine damage

Traffic is a harsh reality of city driving. During these extended durations, your car is at its most vulnerable state, as frequent idling and stop-start driving stresses the engine, eventually leading to long-term damage.

The traffic situation is not expected to ease anytime soon, with the Land Transportation Office revealing that 11.6 million motor vehicles were registered in 2018, 11.4 percent more than the 10.5 million registered the previous year. As early as 2015, the Philippines has been ranked by Waze’s Global Satisfaction Survey among the top 5 countries with the worst traffic in the world.

Worsening traffic conditions not only make for a more challenging drive; it also creates a difficult environment for the engine, raising the risk of microscopic wear. According to a global average which examined traffic in 50 cities, the average driver these days can stop and start as many as 18,000 times in a year, while spending up to 33% of urban driving time idling. Combine this with intervals of constant acceleration and deceleration, the engine will at some point suffer from irreversible engine damage. 

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