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Mariwasa unveils new tiles at 2017 Worldbex

After marking its 50th anniversary last year as the Philippines’ ceramic-tile industry leader and standard-setter for beauty and durability, Mariwasa introduced its new tile designs at the 22nd Worldbex, held from March 15 to 19 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. 

“By harnessing the innate expertise of the Filipino artisan, Mariwasa was able to maintain world standards of beauty and durability that it set in 1966,” said Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc. (MSC) President Phaskorn Buranawit, also the country director for SCG Philippines, Mariwasa’s mother company.

“We felt that the best avenue to launch our modern designs is through Worldbex, where Mariwasa has been a proud partner for years,” added Buranawit, referring to the country’s largest construction building materials’ exposition.

Mariwasa was the first to manufacture both wall and floor tiles in a vast range of colors and sizes in response to a steadily growing market.

“Mariwasa is committed to be always attuned to the demands of an upbeat, young and upwardly mobile market,” Mariwasa Vice President for Sales and Marketing Jakkrit Suwansilp said. “I have no doubt that our new, innovative designs will catch the fancy of millennials, a growing and important target market.”

“Our 20×60 wood designs, for example, are better because they are more durable, easy to clean and environment-friendly, compared with vinyl flooring and real wood planks, not to mention our competitive pricing. Our new designs can also be used in the living room, bedroom and other interior requirements,” he added.

Suwansilp also said Mariwasa tiles even go beyond their usual application.

“Now, Mariwasa tiles are being used as wall cladding—substitute for bricks and wood planks. (Their) designs can replicate natural materials—stone, marble, wood—which are cost-efficient and easier to maintain than natural materials,” he said.

Mariwasa’s newest tile designs are grouped into three themes: Morphology, which is about innovation inspired by biomimicry and organic forms; Indie-fluence, which celebrates individuality and cultural heritage; and Innotherapy, which induces relaxing and healing effects produced with modern technology and the heavy use of natural colors.

Mariwasa’s 2017 tile collection is expected to meet the requirements of today’s Filipinos. Thanks to its understanding of human excitement and desire, and combined with extensive innovation management and commercialization experience, the company created new designs that provide both exterior and interior application that will never limit one’s imagination.

“With each Mariwasa tile comes a firm commitment to product excellence that is fully supported by extensive research and development (R&D), innovative design, and some of the most modern production facilities and processes in the Philippines, all of which are now operating under ISO 9001:2000 and PNS/ISO 13006 quality standards,” Buranawit said.

For 51 years, Mariwasa has been synonymous with constant innovation and durability, thanks to ingenious Filipino designers famed for their skill, creativity, and talented R&D team. These pushed Mariwasa as an industry leader as it offered an extensive range of ceramic wall and floor tiles in a variety of designs, sizes, colors and finish, thereby providing customers with an array of prime choices.

“As Mariwasa continues to develop high-value products to serve the growing demand for highly innovative tile designs, we take pride in the truth that a Filipino brand can compete with the world’s best, setting the bar high for quality, coupled with our utmost commitment to customer satisfaction, thus, earning the distinction as the preferred brand among architects, designers, and end-users,” Buranawit said.

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