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Martin Escudero sighs over Victor Wood’s death

It was a sad news young actor Martin Escudero wouldn’t want to hear but had to be broken he would just keep his cool and cry a little.

“I felt sad when I learned the news. I couldn’t believe it at first,” revealed Martin.

Escudero had read somewhere in the social media that iconic singer and actor Victor Wood was dead Friday morning so he got in touch with his elder fellow actor Doods Jimenez of the Katipunan ng mga Artista ng Pelikulang Pilipino at Telebisyon (KAPPT) or the Actors Guild to verify the Facebook post.

Doods confirmed the bad news and Mart, Escudero’s pet name, briefly held his breath. After a short while, the matinee idol unleashed a sigh and hang up. “Madali lang ang usapan namin ni Martin pero alam kong apektado siya ng masamang balita (My talk with Martin was just brief but I knew he was affected by the bad news),” said Jimenez.

The sudden demise of Victor indeed affected Martin but what could he do.

Victor was fifty times older than he is but there’s a bond that connected them—the film “Jukebox King: The Life Story of Victor Wood” where the actor plays, who else, but Victor.

“Memorable po sa akin ang pelikulang ito kahit no’ng hindi pa namamatay ang character na ginagampanan ko (This film is very memorable for me even if the character that I play wasn’t gone yet),” pointed out Escudero.

Kasi po, mabait si Mr. Victor Wood, napakabait (It’s because Mr. Victor Wood was a very good person. He’s very kind),” attested the Victor Wood role player.

According to Martin, it was just a whirlwind if not a virtual meeting with Wood but it was unforgettable.

“Jukebox King: The Life Story of Victor Wood” is directed by Carlo Ortega Cuevas and produced by EBC Productions.

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