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NAIA weighing scales tell right weight – MIAA chief

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal has assured the public that weighing scales at the check-in counters in all four Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals are calibrated periodically before the first morning flight.

“Recurring social-media posts portraying that check-in weighing scales are inaccurate is highly irresponsible,” the airport chief said.

Monreal explained that the weighing scales are inspected and tested daily using test weights.

“These same scales are calibrated every six months by a third-party calibration center duly accredited by the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology,” he added.

According to the airport chief, some airlines still deploy their own weighing scales at check-in areas, possibly giving rise to claims of passengers getting conflicting baggage weight results.

“I have ordered the airport terminal managers and the head of our Quality Management System (QMS) to direct airlines to see to it that their weighing scales are inspected, tested and calibrated regularly pursuant to and in compliance with international standards,” Monreal said.

He revealed that the weighing scale inspection process is enrolled as a service excellence standard in the MIAA ISO-QMS.

Preventive maintenance and inspection records are kept as reference for internal and external ISO surveillance and certification audits, Monreal added.

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