New 7-Eleven offerings give hot, sweet treats for singles, couples

Valentine month ends tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating love and the wonderful feelings it brings us once March marches in. Such feelings can prompt people in committed relationships, people who are single and ready to mingle, and people whose complicated relationships defy easy labeling to publicly express their romantic status. 

If you’re any of these people, 7-Eleven has a promotion that you’re sure to love. The leading convenience-store chain has brought back its collection of Honest Cups with a sweeter ending. These Instagram-worthy cups are the perfect supplement to the sweet and complex flavors of City Blends coffee. There are three:

1. The “Taken” Cup. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want to grab the City Blends’ Taken cup. Couples or people who are “taken” are always entertaining and fun to be with, because they always have stories to tell about their relationship highs and lows. They are also the ones who go through each day like its Valentine’s Day. So share the love with your partner by saving P4 when you grab two Taken cups of coffee from 7-Eleven.

2. The “Single” Cup. Not all of us are in a relationship or sad to be single. Some single people are proud that they are free to go anywhere, meet new people, and even travel around. So why not get the City Blends Single cup? Be bold; it’s fun to be single.

3. The “It’s Complicated” Cup. Being in a complicated relationship is much like coffee— sometimes bitter, aromatic, and very complex. People experience this when they’re with the wrong person or with the right person at the wrong time. If you know this all too well, then the City Blends “It’s Complicated” cup is for you! Grab one now and be comforted by a piping-hot coffee.


If you long for more sweet flavors that go well with your cup of coffee and are perfect for sharing with loved ones, 7-Eleven has got you covered. It now has the Strawberry Festival offerings that are perfect for snacks and desserts! The 7-Eleven classics now have strawberry-flavored variants, from the Rocket Berry Slurpee, Strawberry Fundae, and Strawberry Taho to Strawberry Cake Wedges and Strawberry Donuts.

So what’s are you waiting for? Visit your nearest 7-Eleven branch, have an honest-to-goodness cup of coffee, and pair it with a sweet treat.

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