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Overdue blessing for Alessandra and Paolo

Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis’ film Through Night and Day has created a stir in the Netflix charts, a delayed blessing two years after the two made the movie.

The drama tells the story of a couple who familiarized themselves with each other but suddenly encounter difficulties during their trip at Iceland causing them to drift apart.

Alessandra and Paolo impressed everyone with their stellar performance.

Despite the film’s current recognition, Alessandra admitted the hardship they faced when promoting the film.

In answer as to why people had not heard of the film, Alessandra said, “Ako lang kasi mag-isa nag-promote.”

Alessandra also said, “Walang hanggang pasasalamat sa lahat ng nagre-recommend at nagpro-promote. Kasi magisa lang akong nag-promote niyan noon.”

Alessandra also thanked those people who took their time to watch the film in cinemas way back 2018. Only a few watched the film during its cinema showing.

Alessandra also took to twitter how much she appreciated the writer and the people behind the scenes who helped her portrayed her role better.

On her Instagram stories, she shared snippets of the complex markings that she had to comply with to execute the climactic part of the film.

Alessandra also shared that some of her iconic lines from the movie were written in her own journal. She even teased fans that there were parts of the film that wasn’t able to make it to the final cut but kept on her personal phone.

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