Consul General Voltaire D. Mauricio, designers Ken Samudio, Feanne and DTI Commercial Counsellor Michael Alfred V. Ignacio during the ribbon-cutting and opening of the Fashion Philippines Showcase at the 3rd Lifestyle Week in Osaka last 28 September 2022

Philippines Showcases Fashion & Design at the 3rd Lifestyle Week in Osaka

The Philippine Consulate General in Osaka and its trade  and investment section, the Philippine Trade & Investment Center, recently featured two of the  country’s top artists and designers at the Fashion Philippines Showcase at the Fashion Goods  and Accessories Expo 2022 during the 3rd Lifestyle Week to be held in Osaka from 28-30  September 2022. The Fashion Philippines booth was officially opened by Consul General Voltaire  D. Mauricio in a ribbon cutting ceremony held during the first day of the show. 

The Philippine fashion showcase introduced contemporary Philippine fashion and design to  Osaka’s highly sophisticated and discerning fashion scene, in a sustained bid to bring attention  to the country’s creative sector and how it can enter into strategic cooperation with the Japanese  fashion industry. 

The objective of this event is to create awareness in Japan for the country’s globally sought-after  creative sectors, particularly in fashion and design and to encourage collaboration with industry  players that may need to supplement their capability by partnering with Filipino artists and the  fashion industry. Falling squarely under the Consulate General’s economic and cultural  diplomacy mandates, the initiative combines the promotion of contemporary Filipino art and 

culture and in showcasing their potential for sustainable economic.

The Philippine Trade & Investment Center (PTIC) in Osaka organized the Philippine Fashion  Showcase on behalf of the Philippine Consulate General. PTIC Osaka officially represents the  DTI in western Japan and with the holding of this event, aims to develop sustainable and  continuing business engagements for the participating designers, and to kick-off the sector’s  market entry in order to cater to Japan’s highly lucrative market and to create impactful exposure,  market awareness and to build sustained momentum as early as now in the Japanese market,  especially as Osaka prepares to host the World Expo in 2025. 

This initiative is in parallel to continued sustained efforts initiated by the Philippine Trade and  Investment Center in Tokyo of the Philippine Embassy in Japan. In addition, the event aims to  form alliances, partnerships and collaboration between the Filipino artists and Japanese fashion  stakeholders, and to develop engagements with market specialists, representatives and agents  who could represent Filipino designers in the Japanese market. 

The DTI’s priority sectors for active promotion in the Japanese market, includes the country’s  wide-ranging Creative Sector to tap opportunities for cross-border cooperation. The Department  also recently launched the Creative Economy Roadmap which envisions that “by 2030, the  Philippines will be the number one Creative Economy in ASEAN in terms of size and value of our  creative industries, as well as the competitiveness and attractiveness of our creative talent and  content in international markets.” The scope includes six cultural domains, namely: cultural and  natural heritage; performance and celebration; visual arts and artisan products; books and press;  audio-visual, broadcast and interactive media; and creative services. 

Dubbed the Philippine Fashion Showcase, the Philippine Consulate General’s participation and  country booth at the Fashion Goods and Accessories Expo in Osaka featured designers Feanne  Mauricio and Ken Samudio, two of the most celebrated and successful young Filipino designers  who have both earned international acclaim with their respective line of unique and very artistic  fashion. This also comes in a two-fold bid to showcase wearable Filipino contemporary art and  culture into Japan’s consciousness and its lucrative fashion industry and retail sector. 

The project culminated on Friday September 30, 2022 with the Fashion Philippines Networking  and Business-Matching Cocktails hosted by Consul General Mauricio at Conrad Hotel Osaka that  was widely attended by more than 100 guests consisting of business leaders, prime movers and  members of the business sector, as well as by stakeholders of Kansai region’s upbeat fashion  scene. The event was graced by Kansai Fashion Association (KanFa) Executive Director Koichi  Itoi. 

About Feanne Mauricio [] 

Feanne is a self-made artist from Manila, and her extensive portfolio is a testament to the lucrative  career she’s built. She is best known as a designer, creating intricate freehand illustrations with  a keen eye for natural detail, and a sensibility for the fantastica. 

She creates elegant and wearable pieces featuring designs, that have been applied to intricate  fabric and textile prints taking inspiration from Philippine flora and fauna. Whether as decadent  kimonos, intricate logo designs, detailed paintings, or mesmerizing wallpapers, Feanne’s art is  constantly evolving and taking her to exciting new places. Both the artist and the art exude a 

graceful beauty backed by a studiously built practice and care for the craft. Between passion and  profession, Feanne embraces both equally, along with all the creative joys and struggles that  come with them. 

About Ken Samudio [] 

Ken is an internationally-acclaimed and prize-winning designer who is originally a biologist by  profession specializing in marine biodiversity before he started creating exquisite fashion  accessories. Without any formal education in fashion, he ventured into accessories design armed  only with raw natural talent and determination to succeed. His unique technique explores the  natural and organic forms found in nature mimicking distinct textures by using indigenous and  recycled materials. He creates artworks from up-cycled beads made from water plastic bottles,  recycled sea glass and other sustainable materials indigenous to his home country.

About The Philippine Consulate General in Osaka 

The Philippine Consulate General in Osaka represents the Philippine Department of Foreign  Affairs in Osaka and neighboring regions that form part of its jurisdiction It serves the country’s  interests in its area of coverage, as well as provides consular services to Filipinos expatriates. 

About The Philippine Trade & Investment Center in Osaka The Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Osaka is the trade and investment section of the  Philippine Consulate General in Osaka City and the representative office of the Philippine  Department of Trade and Industry covering Western Japan. For inquiries, contact:

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