VIE at Southern Plains Offers Modern Configurable Homes where You Can Live Life to the Fullest

As a seasoned real estate developer, Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) is defying conventions of the industry by offering turnkey solutions with the most expansive menu of possible customizations. This is evident in its latest gated community called Vie at Southern Plains, where homeowners live comfortably around nature in homes they can personalize to fit their specific lifestyles.

VIE at Southern Plains is a project that is close to the heart of real estate scion Victor B. Consunji, VCDC Founder and CEO. The 80-hectare residential development will hold about 600 villas once the construction is completed with the initial batch of homeowners already enjoying healthy urban living. 

“This project is all about improving people’s quality of life,” Consunji asserts. “Instead of being product-centric, VIE at Southern Plains focuses on the ‘purpose.’ The design of the project, the size and quality of finishes, and the general feeling when you step outside your home, we have purposely built the entire community to promote better mental health, while bringing our residents closer or more in touch with nature.”

Configurable homes

Consunji points out that VIE at Southern Plains offers customizable homes. “We are sparing the homeowners from the burden of designing and constructing their homes, which could be the single most important investment in their lives. At the same time, we save them from the headaches and frustrations of owning homes that are not according to their personal preferences and requirements. We are right in the middle,” he explains. 

As such, VIE at Southern Plains brings a curated experience that allows homeowners to “create the hole that is for them.” At the same time, the project infuses the advantages and security of having a reliable developer do the tedious and heavy tasks. 

“Our homeowners don’t have to worry about falling for the common design and construction mistakes when building their homes. They don’t have to deal with contractors,” Consunji adds. “The brand is here to build lives instead of build houses. VIE at Southern Plains encapsulates the real purpose of residential development. It’s all about life. Thus, the name ‘VIE,’ which in French means ‘life.’”

Strategic location, stylish homes and amenities

VIE is a ‘leave the city’ lifestyle brand, nestled in Southern Plains, a relatively established neighborhood in the borders of Calamba City and Cabuyao, Laguna. Consunji reveals that VCDC decided to retain the ‘Southern Plains’ name as a tribute to the original developers, who he praises for having the foresight and confidence in the area, even before Alabang and Nuvali developments came. 

The strategic location makes it more accessible to homeowners and future residents. VIE at Southern Plains is just a few meters away from the Silangan toll exit of the Southern Luzon Expressway. It is only several minutes away from Nuvali and about a 20- to 30-minute drive to and from Tagaytay City (via Casile Road). 

The configurable homes are categorized into four, each representing the expansive, breathable, and luxurious lifestyles of homeowners. Ivy House units are for home starters with up to 345 sqm of home space, while Sage House and Stella Villa units are bigger with up to 536 sqm of space. Harper Villas are most vast with up to 792 sqm of home area. 

Meanwhile, VIE at Southern Plains offers the high-end resort feel with its amenities. The existing Main Clubhouse is a multipurpose hall perfect for parties, big meetings, and events—complete with a breathtaking lounge and a lap pool. 

Future amenities will add more excitement. The Fitness Park will feature a modernized gym and a basketball court that can also shift into a dance hall. The Kids Park will have cushioned areas, a fun kiddie pool, and colorful spaces where youngsters can physically play and socialize with other kids in the community. 

“VIE at Southern Plains is meant to bridge the gap in today’s fast-paced world. Presently, no other residential project is like it, not just in the Philippines but also in the Southeast Asian region. C’est la vie! That’s life and we want you to enjoy every moment of it,” Consunji concludes. 

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