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After suffering from joint effusion, Gardo Versoza sets to shift momentarily to simple TikTok

Prizewinning actor Gardo Versoza was advised by his orthopedic doctor to take a rest and momentarily skip his hit TikTok performances after he suffered from joint effusion Monday night.

Gardo rushed himself to a hospital when he felt his left knee was fractured.

It was diagnosed right there and then that he had water on his knee. “Nagkaroon ng tubig tuhod ko cuz and may punit (There’s water on my knee because and there was a ripped off somewhere),” Gardo told a Facebook friend.

It was wildly guessed by his family, friends and followers that his injured knee was caused by his playing TikTok with high heeled shoes.

“Bawal daw muna mag-TikTok at mag-hi-heels (TikTok and wearing high heeled shoes aren’t allowed yet,” exclaimed Versoza as he wrote “hehehehe,” a vernacular grin expression.

Nonetheless, the actor thanked his physician, Dr. Emman Mata who performed an injection of syringe on his knee to extract water from his joint.

Because of medical condition, Gardo tauntingly said he would have temporary TikTok steps instead like cooking which he showed in his Instagram.

“i love dancing ,, i love tiktok and i love to make people smile ,, ill be back soon ,, i love you cupcakes ,, happy holidays ,, GOD loves us,” noted the well-loved actor in his IG.

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