Academician to speak in virtual forum about sex cinema and its influences on society with Janice Jurado et al

An erudite arts and sciences professor will talk comprehensively on the implications and effects of sex cinema in society, particularly in the Philippine setting.

Dr. Jeffrey Alfaro Lubang, a decorated mentor at the De La Salle University-Dasmariñas City, Cavite, will sit in the panel with me, an entertainment journalist and author of the new book, “SekSinema (Gender Images in Philippine Sex Cinema Enfolding Pandemia)” to discuss the historical, cultural, economic and social impacts of sex in Philippine cinema on the manifold aspects of the national life.

The forum will present the popular and the academic approaches to the meanings of sex cinema and society.

Guests will include prolific filmmaker Neal “Buboy” Tan and actresses Janice Jurado and Isadora, the last two names are mostly associated with sexy drama vehicles.

“We will expound on the significance of sex cinema in our everyday lives. We will tackle the subject with objectivity and historical perspective,” said Dr. Lubang.

Those interested to join are requested to log on to Zoom meeting…Meeting ID: 876 0970 6181 with Passcode: 1Seksinema.

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