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Nora Aunor reports early on set for first day shoot of movie on villains

She used to be controversial for bringing headaches to her producers by not showing up on time or completely disappearing from the set of movies she did because of some unlikely causes of her no-show habit, personal and otherwise. 

Those were the days. 

Nora Aunor these days have unlearned a lot of unprofessional ways to her career which makes her no less of a Superstar but more of a responsible person and professional. 

She’s starting the Year of the Metal Ox just right when she reported very, very early on the set on the first day of shooting of her new film, “Kontrabida,” a foray into the life and times of villains onscreen and elsewhere. 

According to her friend and believer, Adolf Alix, Jr., the actress was a true inspiration among her fellow stars in arriving early or on the dot during media works. Adolf is thankful for working anew with Nora. They have actually done two films (“Whistleblower” and “Padre de Familia”) which were both critically acclaimed. 

Now another prospective award-winning project is underway as Aunor and Alix embarked on another artistically challenging activity as an actress and as director, respectively. 

“Kontrabida” is being produced by Joed Serrano, ang erstwhile “That’s Entertainment” mainstay in GMA Network of the late German Moreno. 

It is a complex story of a villain on and off-screen in a more expressionistic manner of presentation as written by award-winning scriptwriter and literary figure Jerry Gracio. The movie also stars Jaclyn Jose, Rosanna Roces, Bembol Roco and a cast of many. According to awarded actress Odette Khan, she is also slated to appear in the film. “Pero wala akong dayalogo. Kilos lang ng katawan, ng mga mata at iba pang bahagi ng aking katawan (But I don’t have a dialogue here. It’s only the movement of the body, my eyes at other parts of my body),” said Odette. 

Nang itawag sa akin ang role na ‘yan, nang malaman ko na si Nora Aunor ang kasama, okey. Kahit ano (When the role was advised to me and when I learned that it’s Nora Aunor I would interact with, it’s all okay. Anything for Nora),” beamed Khan who was simply revered to Aunor. 

Most of Guy’s co-stars in the film are very supportive and all praises to the veteran and prizewinning actress. Odette has been very vocal about fighting for Ate (a term of endearment to an elder sister of a woman by blood or by affinity) Guy when a situation warrants it. “Ipaglalaban ko si Guy. Alam ko, e. Iba siya. Nararamdaman ko ang pagiging totoo niya (I would fight for Guy. I know. She’s different. I could feel her being a true and sincere person),” assured Khan. 

Professionalism has been the advocacy of La Aunor these days especially when many film artists are suffering from the bad and disadvantageous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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