Kathryn Bernardo; Daniel Padilla(Photo Credit: Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram; Daniel Padilla's Instagram)

Kathryn Bernardo misses Daniel Padilla in fun softdrink campaign

Each day isn’t complete if lovers Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla don’t see each one from moment to moment.

It’s just like an empty glass of water they need to fill up to share and sip from using one and the same straw.

Their mutual presence is like day and night, sun and moon, paper and pen, profile and post, pestle and mortar, thread and needle, ad infinitum.

Though recently, Kathryn was apologetic she couldn’t join the campaign cavalcade for softdrink brand.

Was it also an occasion where she missed Daniel Padilla?

“Too bad I couldn’t join my Pepsi fam in shooting this fun campaign. Bawi ako (I’ll make up for it), guys!” she noted in her social media spaces.

To make up for lost touch, there’s virtual meeting and eyeball-to-eyeball contact just the same for Kathryn and Daniel.

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