Elijah Canlas (Photo Credit: Elijah Canlas' Instagram)

Elijah Canlas departs from BL image in the 2022 Cinemalaya prizewinning “Blue Room”

It’s a public knowledge that young actor Elijah Canlas made a name for himself in the biz because of his cutting edge performances in a series of Boys Love (BL) films such as the franchise “Game Boys.”

“I’m thankful for the breaks BL films have given me,” quipped Elijah in a brief encounter at the lobby of Dream Theater at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) during the celebration of the 2022 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

His portrayal, though, as a member of the youth-oriented band Rebel Rebel, who together with his fellow rockers were detained, interrogated and intimidated for a misdemeanor, in the film “Blue Room” transitioned and metamorphosed him into a versatile actor.

“I can say that I have shifted to new characterizations in ‘Blue Room’,” beamed Canlas.

Elijah’s role required him deeper and more sensitive immersion in the psyche of a son from a dysfunctional family, most noticeably when a rouge police chief (Soliman Cruz) ordered him to massage not only his physical body but his ego as well.

The ensemble acting of Elijah, Juan Karlos (Labajo), Harvey Bautista, Nourijune, Keoni Jin and the rest of the cast made the film stand out from the other yields of this year’s fest. Aside from the recognitions for Best Production Design and Best Supporting Actor for Soliman, it bagged the Special Jury Prize for the Full-Length section.

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