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Local celebs stress importance of mental health

Bea Alonzo remind people that aside from taking care of physical health, one must also look after their mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Bea posted an Instagram message for her followers. “Have you been doing things that make you feel like YOU? In this crisis, I think it is important not to just take care of our physical health but also our mental health. We will overcome this together and BETTER. Stay hopeful!”

Bea has been cooking meals for hospital frontliners.

Meanwhile, Gretchen Ho opened up about her experience with anxiety amid the health crisis in the country.

After participating in an online retreat, Gretchen testified on how she deepened her faith in Jesus Christ.

She also recalled her anxieties about work. “Kahit na may trabaho ka po ngayon, hindi niyo po alam kung bukas sikat pa ba ko, bukas may career pa ba ko,” she said.

The pandemic has become “God’s wake-up call” to her, she said.

“Am I really still doing it for His glory, for His purpose? Or am I doing it for myself?” she said. “And I realize, I was doing it, I was exerting my effort because of my insecurities.”

In the end, Ho reminded everyone to “trust God more.”

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