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Music helps us regain control during lockdown

Today, people turn to music, playing instruments or singing as a way of coping during the global lockdown. Music seems to soothe us when the going gets tough.

We appreciate Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and friends singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in a viral Instagram post. We watch free online concerts of big name artists for the benefit of frontliners all over the world. This same intention was reflected each time a song performed and recorded by various artists is released like “We Are The World” or “Voices That Care.”

This is World War COVID-19. And at a time we’re asked to keep a safe distance from each other, we have singing to still feel we’re one with the rest of the world.

If you’re singing via karaoke app, sharing it online meant you yearned to connect with an audience and that you processed an emotion, a message via singing and putting it out there.

Amongst the first moving videos that went viral at the start of the pandemic are those coming from China and Italy where citizens unite by singing their hearts out.

Here in the Philippines, we saw health workers singing for fellow frontliners such as the viral video from Medical City frontliners. Some health workers and checkpoint officials have also turned to music apps to entertain themselves, do a couple of dance moves to raise the human spirit in the time of COVID-19.

This kind of behavior is part of human history. There’s nothing wrong if we sing more these days. We might as well use whatever form of fight is left in us to take back some portion of the many things this virus has taken away.

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