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Facade of the Philippine Sports Commssion headquarters.

PSC modifies payroll process

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) will institute drastic changes to ensure the payroll-padding scheme that led to the agency losing approximately P14 million in five years will not be repeated.

PSC officer-in-charge Ramon Fernandez said they will alter the payroll system of national athletes and coaches following the massive fraud committed by Paul Ignacio, an information technology expert and a staff at the PSC personnel department.

The National Bureau of Investigation arrested Ignacio who was found entering his account number next to the names of inactive athletes and coaches.

He started the scheme in August 2015 until Landbank of the Philippines flagged his payroll account for trying to enter more than P450,000 in the June payroll.

At one point, he was withdrawing around P50,000 daily, which is highly irregular for an ordinary government employee.

He already underwent inquest proceeding and is now facing charges of qualified theft and falsification of public document under the cybercrime law.

Fernandez said the fraud was discovered following measures that necessitated for the agency to slash the allowance and salaries of athletes and coaches by 50% after the Department of Budget and Management ordered it to redirect its budget to the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even before, there were already suggestions to properly check the list of athletes and their corresponding salaries,” said Fernandez, who is leading the agency in behalf of chairman William “Butch” Ramirez.

Fernandez suggested they change the release schedule of allowance and salaries of the national team to ensure that only qualified recipients would be on the list and correct information were entered. 

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