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Manila Water Sustainability Head Mark Mulingbayan (middle) receives the award at the Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore together with Aces Awards judges Shanggari B. (left) and Dr. Jayanthi Desan (right).

Manila Water honored as Asian CSR leader

By Luis Leoncio

Water-service concessionaire Manila Water was recently recognized as one of the top corporate social responsibility (CSR) advocates in Asia by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (Aces), a regional award-giving body that values and recognizes services and achievements of national and international small-scale and large-scale businesses for their significant contributions in the communities and the world. 

The recognition is bestowed on companies that lead various CSR initiatives integrated into its policies and operations with high-level participation of employees and top management involvement in these programs.

Aces recognizes successful companies and individuals in Asia across two main domains: leadership and corporate social responsibility.

Through Aces, companies and their leaders share a platform to take pride in their excellence while learning, building connections, and exchanging new ideas to showcase Asia’s best practices for sustainable growth.

Among the sustainability initiatives of Ayala-led Manila Water included Tubig Para sa Barangay (Water for the Com-munity Program); “Lingap” pro-gram (Water Provision for Public Service Institutions); the Manila Water University, an in-house school for harnessing and max-imizing the company’s human capital; Kabuhayan Para sa Ba-rangay (Livelihood for the Com-munity Program); and the Suki Vendor (Preferred Vendor) pro- gram. Manila Water was likewise recognized for its environmental programs focused on used water, watershed management, environmental partnerships and climate change mitigation and adaptation programs.

“Manila Water’s perfect alignment between our environmental, social and economic goals puts the company in a distinct advantage to advocate and propagate CSR programs as these are already embedded in our daily operations. These provide us the opportunity to do good things for the society and the environment. All we need is to continue to perform our jobs well to ensure that the benefits redound to our customers and the environment,” Manila Water Group Director for Corporate Operations Geodino Carpio said.

Manila Water was also featured in Beacons of Asia, a compilation of influential business leaders and sustainability advocates in Asia, which emerged as the best entries from the Aces Awards.

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