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Bowling should be allowed during pandemic – Paeng

Bowling should be allowed to resume after quarantine protocols have been relaxed because bowling has virtually no physical contact and players have their own balls, according to Bowling Hall of Famer Paeng Nepomuceno.

The only four-time World Cup champion and adviser to the national team said that with a set of guidelines and government approval, bowling may be played even during these pandemic times.

Nepomuceno’s sentiment came after the Philippine Sports Commission recommended to the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases to resume sports activities.

Nepomuceno added gestures such as high-fives after every shot gestures should be avoided for the time being.

“Social distancing while playing should be observed. This is easier to accomplish because bowling is a noncontact sport,” he said.

During the two-month quarantine period, the national team continues to stay fit. Nepomuceno posted a “lockdown video” for everyone caught by the lockdown. “It’s nothing fancy. Any weighted object can be used and it cover all parts of the body,” he said.

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