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Czech Connect 2019 Links the Czech Republic and the Philippines Information Technology

On the brink of an increased technological innovation, an integrated and comprehensive response that connects global polity will increase positive transformation as the world enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution.    

Responding to this growing demand of increased connectivity, the Czech Embassy in Manila will be conducting its first information technology conference dubbed as Czech Connect 2019:  Bridging the Czech and Philippine IT sector on September 11 at Makati Diamond Residences.

The conference aims to bridge the link between the Czech Republic and the Philippines’ Information Technology (IT) sectors. During the event, five (5) Czech companies, namely, Kentico Software, Y Soft, Avast by Kaizen Internetworking, Flowmon Networks, and Adastra Business Consulting (ABC) will be present to introduce Czech technologies. There will also be an opportunity to meet with representatives of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), and the Philippine IT sectors who will share about the current local situation.

The Czech Republic is recognized as one of Europe’s top location for ICT investments, which can be confirmed by the strong and growing inflow of high-value-added projects from the world’s top ICT companies. Further, the country also puts premium on its ICT sector by allotting a significant amount of its GDP to ICT expenditure.

With its well-developed infrastructure, advanced technologies, and high regard to improving the IT sector, international investors such as Skype, DHL, Tieto, Red Hat, SolarWinds, Oracle, and IBM have found the country not only an attractive area for investment but also a fruitful one. The country is also beaming with local Czech IT companies that are renowned globally such as GoodDAta, Y Soft, STRV and Seznam.cz. Apart from these, its products like antivirus software from Avast and AVG Technologies are recognized internationally.

The conference seeks to bring an opportunity for deeper cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Philippines as the world enters greater demand for connectivity, especially with the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is characterize by increased trend towards automation and data exchange.

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