Former Mondelez E-Commerce Lead, Alexandra Garcia, joins etaily as FMCG Director

E-commerce enabler further strengthens its position in the online trade landscape with the entry of former Mondelez E-commerce lead Alexandra Garcia joining in as its new Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Director.

Garcia had previously led the strategy and business foundational capabilities setup of Mondelez Philippines’ eCommerce channel. Today, the company has a thriving B2B, Omni-channel, and Marketplace eCommerce business that makes it one of the biggest and fastest growing eCommerce countries in Mondelez Southeast Asia, all the while ensuring total channel profitability.  

Before working for Mondelez, Garcia spent six years in L’Oreal, the leading global Beauty and Tech brand in the e-Commerce industry. In L’Oreal, she was appointed as the Luxury Division E-Commerce and Social Commerce Lead, wherein she spearheaded the growth of Kiehl’s, which is currently the number one luxury skincare brand in Lazada today. The social commerce channel was also recognized for its best practices in L’Oreal Southeast Asia.  

Prior to her stint in Luxury, she was the Consumer Product Division (CPD) Platform Lead for Lazada and handled its total CPD portfolio: Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Garnier. Having developed expertise across leading Beauty subcategories (makeup, skin care, and hair care), the brands she handled were consistently recognized as part of the Top 5 Brands on key platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

Alexander Friedhoff, Co-Founder & CEO of etaily, said: “We are super excited to have Alexandra part of the etaily rockstar team. Her complementary experience, valuable insights, and track records are impactful and will further strengthen our position and capabilities as a full-funnel partner to help our clients gain a competitive edge in today’s digital world.”  

“It’s exciting to be part of etaily. Its service of helping brands scale up their business in the growing online marketplace is important to respond to the needs of the expanding FMCG market,” said Ms. Garcia. 

Garcia will handle global and local FMCG and Beauty brands like Lactum, Enfagrow, Sustagen, Equal, URC, and Century Pacific Food Inc. As the enabler’s business clientele grows, she will implement the best practices she developed over the years. Garcia will also build talent capabilities as she onboards experienced young talents from known multinational FMCG brands.  

About etaily 

etaily is the leading eCommerce enabler that provides forward-thinking retailers with the technological expertise, brand management, operational services, and data capabilities to e-tail their business. Retail brands can provide a customer-centric and consistent brand experience through seamless integration of omnichannel operations to maximize the scale of their services.

Regional and hyperlocal fulfillment is also made possible as orders are housed and handled in increasing locations. In addition to its online retail service capabilities, etaily’s mission is to preserve the brand’s core identity throughout the ever-changing retail landscape and provide long-lasting value in the customer’s retail journey.  

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