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More conspiracy theories

The global quarantine – today’s fashionable buzzword – has driven fertile minds to go on overdrive.

Those who can afford to heed the call to stay at home have easily succumbed into believing various conspiracy theories on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two recent theories both point to China as deliberately causing the pandemic.

A first-hand revelation from an insider indicated there is no virus. The whistleblower buttressed his credentials – he had access to highly classified information involving high-ranking Chinese officials.

A cocktail of mind-control drugs was formulated inside a Wuhan laboratory, targeting the large-scale Hong Kong protesters. During drug-testing, the test-subjects displayed tragic side-effects, prompting the program to be shut down.

But US intelligence agencies did not believe the test result reports, so they dispatched a team to get a sample from a paid laboratory staff.

In James Bond-movie style, the exchange went sour. Chinese counter-intelligence engaged the US agents in a shoot-out at Wuhan near the wild animal market.

The drug vial was shattered, releasing its contents to everyone in the market. Chinese officials ordered doctors treating those affected to give the corona virus story.

And that’s how the virus spread around the world.

The second theory is culled from numerous reports available online, coming from a truly imaginative stay-at-home observer-turned-analyst.

This analyst believes the virus was intentionally released by China to conquer the American economic might. China apparently cannot subdue the US through traditional warfare. They planned to destroy the US economy through a global pandemic.

Already, stocks of European giant firms have plummeted. Chinese companies have bought these low-priced stocks at hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth.

With a dumb US president, US stocks have still to dive to rock-bottom before bought out by China.

Why is China able to go into a stock-buying binge? Suddenly, the outbreak in Wuhan is contained. It would appear, a vaccine is available all the time. Why is Chinese President Xi Jinping wearing only a facemask when he toured Wuhan?

It would only be a matter of time when China eats up most of American multinational companies. Then China will have the US kneeling.

That is how the plot thickens.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, defective COVID-19 test kits from China are most sought after by hospitals. A congressman was falsely tagged a carrier. Who else?

Conspiracy theories are entertaining during lockdowns.

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