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Nora Aunor and Francis Tanseco

Nora Aunor painter demands justice for mom’s death

Filipinos especially Noranians are heaping hosannas on Francis Tanseco, the artist who painted actress Nora Aunor in colorful canvasses he mounted them in a one-man show some years back at the upper ramp of the Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium where Nora fanatics trooped to witness the visual representations of their idol in variations. After the successful exhibit, Francis did several paintings of the former first lady Imelda R. Marcos and displayed them during the presentation of excerpts from the musical “A Mother’s Soul,” an adaptation from Imelda’s life.

Eventually, Tanseco went back to the United Kingdom two years ago to show his artworks on Nora and Imelda at the consular office of the Philippine embassy in the UK and to process his papers in moving in to the United States of America to resettle his nursing job there and to be with his mom Rosalinda Gorgonio Tanseco who has been staying abroad for the longest time.

Until Rosalinda decided to take a vacation back home to attend as well the wedding anniversary of one of his children last year. But she suffered a severe attack of cancerous cells in her body she eventually got bedridden.

“That started the bad condition of my mom. She had to be treated right there and then she stayed in the house of one of my brothers. In my communication with my mom via Facebook chat, she said that she wasn’t taken care of very intensively so I decided to go home as well.

“No, it wasn’t a vacation time for me as you’ve reported. I went home to take care of my mom. I am a nurse to I could be at her sickbed. Yes, I could also be with her but the main purpose was to nurse her,” explained Francis in an exclusive interview in Cubao recently.

The reunion between mother and son in March turned tragic because just a few days of Francis returning home, his mom passed away.

“She died of negligence. So I demand justice for her death. I’m sure Divine Justice will be served for her,” confessed the young Tanseco.

“But I want to move on now. I don’t want to belabor the case anymore because it’s about the family. I don’t want to publicly condemn my family. I have already said a lot in my social media outlets and it’s just that,” said Francis.

What Tanseco is after now is to give a memorial art exhibit on his ma.

“I have painted a lot about her in the UK and the States. Here in the Philippines, I also did some art works about my mom and they are all ready for exhibition as a tribute to my mom whom I loved so much even if she had a favorite son among us children,” sighed Francis.

His one-man show in the US and the Philippines will also include his paintings on Aunor and Marcos.

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