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Pacman ‘full blast’ in bout with Thurman

By Tracy Cabrera                                                   

His aggressiveness has returned, according to training coach Freddie Roach, referring to what Pinoy  boxing icon Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao is showing in his training sessions.

In less than a month, the fighting senator faces his opponent welterweight champion Keith Thurman at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on July 20.

Pacquiao’s in his final phaseof training in his title bout with the undefeated American champ. He arrived over the weekend to begin preparations at the famois Wild Card gym for the championship bout with the WBA welterweight king.

The People’s Champ mentioned he is irked with Thurman’s unsolicited remarks even before they face each other on the boxing ring. The American vowed to force the 40-year-old eight-division world champion into retirement when they exchange punches next month.

Pacquiao said that Thurman;s comments thrown against him inflamed his resolve to silence his opponent: “My response to him is we’ll see. He is giving me more motivation and determination to work hard and prove that it’s not true.”

“I’m happy that he’s saying that . . . It gives me inspiration to focus and do the best that I can in the ring,” Pacman added.

Meanwhile, Roach said that Pacquiao was truly affected by Thurman’s remarks: “Manny’s motivated for all his fights and this time, this guy’s talking a little trash. So that helps. Manny has got a bit upset. He wants to win this one a little bit more than usual.”

The fighting senator has brought with him his remorse into his training. For the first time, Roach has donned protective padding while training with the People’s Champ.

“I was really happy I brought my padding back, because I haven’t worn that in a while. I came up with that idea because I didn’t want Manny to go easy on his opponents. We went 10 rounds yesterday and he was really happy to see I had the padding. It does make a difference. I want him going full blast on the mitts,” the veteran trainer ended saying.

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