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Peru is the guest country of honor at ‘Asia Fruit Logistica ON 2020’

Asia is the third biggest market for the Peruvian agri-food export industry. 
Grapes, cranberries, avocados and mandarins are the top fresh Peruvian products imported  by Asia

Peru will once again be the Official Partner Country at the virtual edition of the ‘Asia Fruit Logistica ON’ fresh food trade fair, considered to be the most important fair of its kind in Asia,  which takes place from 18 to 20 November, according to PROMPERÚ, the Peruvian Commission for the  Promotion of Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ).  

The Peruvian delegation’s challenge will be to reach both the retail industry and the final consumer, and  to do so it will roll out a variety of promotional campaigns in conjunction with the sector’s brand names: ‘Super Foods Peru’, ‘Coffees from Peru’ and ‘Pisco, Spirit of Peru’, thus firmly positioning Peruvian  products in consumers’ minds.  

The planned activities will include showcooking sessions to promote Peruvian gastronomy along with its  food sector, and demonstrations of pisco-based cocktails. 

In addition, a strategic partnership will be closed between the Singapore firm KOL and the ‘Super Foods  Peru’ brand to develop recipes that feature Peruvian foodstuffs, which will be promoted by influencers Fiona Loh and Jamie Yeo to give consumers a closer insight in to Peruvian products, to encourage them to  try out new flavors and show them how to make exciting new dishes. 

This campaign will be replicated with all the KOLs: Mr. Tao, Mr. Nhong, Mr. Fahsai Fitness Trainer, Mr.  Phatsakorn, Dr. Aut, Mr. Prot, Mr. Boat and Mr. Mike in Thailand, and with KOLs Tan Chia Yong and Clarence Wong in Malaysia. 

The Peruvian delegation taking part in Asia Fruit Logistica ON will comprise Agrícola Chapi (grapes,  asparagus, avocados, pomegranates), POMICA (pomegranates), AGUALIMA (cranberries, tangerines,  avocados and asparagus), ASGLOBALFRES (mangos, mandarins, grapes, avocados, ginger and cranberries)  and VISON’S PERU (cranberries, avocados,snow peas, pomegranates, citrus fruits, and mangos), the same  companies that meet all the phytosanitary regulations demanded by the Asian nations and boast  extensive experience in fresh food markets. 

Peru has been taking part in this Asian trade fair for the last ten years, which has enabled it to penetrate  this market with a number of products, including grapes, cranberries, avocados, mandarins and  pomegranates, among others. 

The Peruvian delegation enjoys the support of PROMPERÚ’s trade offices in Asia which work to increase  the demand for Peruvian produce by opening up new markets by means of establishing strategic  partnerships, signing new export protocols, and implementing tactical promotional campaigns aimed at  both retailers and end consumers. 


Peru is currently one of the world’s top ten suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Asia is the third biggest  market for Peruvian agri-food exports, accounting for 9% of the agri-food industry. 

In recent years, products including cranberries, mangos, asparagus, citrus fruits and avocados have  achieved phytosanitary certification in countries such as South Korea, China and Japan, leading to a  greater demand for fresh produce from Peru in the Asian market. Between January and September this  year, imports of fresh fruit and vegetables increased by 22% compared to 2019. 

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