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Philippines rolling brownouts amidst Covid-19 finds temporary relief from gas-powered gensets

The Philippines is yet to declare a rolling brownout occurrence in many parts of the provinces, however, its energy companies are now finding ways to provide sufficient supply initially with the entry of mobile and custom-designed generator sets powered with gas.

Attributing to the pandemic Covid-19 its recent acquisitions, local-bourse listed Phoenix Petroleum Philippines (ticker symbol PNX) in partnership with US-based Mesa Natural Gas Soluons, LLC, is expected to bring the first batch of its gas-powered genset units in the Philippines next month. 

Signed late last year between Mesa and Phoenix Pilipinas Gas and Power, Inc. (Phoenix Gas), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix, the agreement designates Mesa to manufacture the gensets, while Phoenix will be in-charge of the business in the country, the company disclosed today (Friday May 15) at the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE).

“The generator sets are compact-designed, mobile, and custom-engineered to help businesses continue their operations, especially those that are in remote areas and those struggling to get a reliable power supply due to the consequences of the ongoing pandemic. The units will also use propane rich LPG, a clean, reliable, and more sustainable power source, to function, which will be supplied by Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc.,” Phoenix reported.

For its pilot run, Phoenix Gas and Mesa produced three genset units, each with a maximum capacity of 350 kilowa.

“We at Phoenix Gas have always been an advocate of the use of cleaner energy sources in the country. For years, we have been acvely promong LPG and LNG as viable opons to broaden and diversify the Philippines’ energy mix,” Phoenix Gas President, Henry Albert Fadullon said. “We are happy to share that amid the ongoing crisis, Phoenix Gas and Mesa have finished developing our gas-powered gensets, which are now en route to the Philippines for ulizaon. We are opmisc about the future of these types of gensets in the country, and we hope that this will signal the revoluon towards a cleaner and more reliable power source.”

Primarily targeng to serve companies in the hospitality and manufacturing businesses, the Phoenix Gas-Mesa gensets are designed to enable remote performance monitoring on a real-me basis. Its technology also includes an on-site troubleshoong feature, if the need arises.

In December 2019, the two companies signed a partnership to promote the use of gas in the country, and to contribute to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ initiatives on Clean Development Mechanism. The agreement includes making genset units available in the Philippines with the corresponding commissioning, training, and technical support from the USA.

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