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The independence of Iza; the interference of Bea and Julia

Not only is Iza Calzado the senior among the bunch of these young beauties in local tinsel town she’s also the most independent of them all.

Independence in Iza is not only in her doing and making waves in the indie filmmaking spirit without foregoing her commercial appearances in popular medium at the same time but in the pursuit of freedom of womanhood as well. Just consider her latest outing, “Pandanggo sa Hukay,” a haunting drama about a midwife—who was kidnapped by a motley group of rascals to assist the birthing of the girlfriend of a criminal—she portrayed compellingly. According to her, the movie is about women made by women, particularly the director, Sheryl Rose Andes. “I want to promote women’s rights in everything I do,” said Calzado in our exclusive interview with her.

The award-winning thespian is currently filming “Culion,” a foray into the isolated and misunderstood life of persons with leprosy and their dreams, frustrations and hopes with equally prizewinning actresses Meryll Soriano and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. They are holed up in Culion, Palawan, the leper colony itself until the film is completely done.

Independence for Iza also means being a whole person, assertive without being noisy and annoyance and most especially, maintaining her own identity.

Married to Fil-Briton businessman Ben Wintle, Iza said that their relationship is such an amazing one. There are misunderstandings, once in a while, but the communication line is always open even on long distance terms like Facebook, Skype of Facetime.

“I always assert myself as an independent person and Ben is an open-minded individual,” she shared.

Giving one the due respect even in times of testing gender equality Iza is intelligent enough to understand the idiosyncrasies of people even of the opposite sex. “There was a time one of the lights at home had to be fixed. I knew it was Ben’s role. I thought it was the role of a man. But he is always busy. He is most of the time abroad. What I did was just to call on a repairman, an electrician to fix it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t complicate things,” she opined.

What is Iza a supporter of the LGBTQ+ for if she’s not a broad-minded woman?

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POSTSCRIPT to the Bea Alonzo-Julia Barretto brouhaha: Objectively, Bea isn’t saying anything, until this very moment, negative things or even mentioning Julia’s name when she commented very generally about a man’s erring, err (pun unintended), being unfaithful. She wasn’t even finger pointing at Gerald Anderson although it was indicative that what she was referring to in her vague statements “you can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice. ENOUGH” was him.

The reference, obviously, were the pictures splattered on cyber about Gerald and Julia being together not on an official function.

In her latest tirades, Barretto is accusing Bea of cyber bullying, refusing to be her victim and lending malice to the photos.

Meanwhile, many netizens are reacting that Julia is indeed guilty. Is she really? Or shall we also castigate Gerald for his two-timing because he already admitted to Barretto’s dad Dennis Padilla that yes, she is courting his daughter and that he has broken up with Bea, the latter the last one to know?

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