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Alessandra de Rossi and Lala Vinzon

Alessandra’s loss, Roi Vinzon’s daughter’s gain

When award-winning actress Alessandra de Rossi begged a pivotal role in the new film version of the Balangiga bells epic in Samar because of the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, “Balangiga: 1901” director Danny Marquez was challenged to give newbie Lala Vinzon, daughter of prizewinning actor Roi Vinzon, the big break. 

Alessandra clarified that she rejected the offer because Danny was a new director. “No. It was just the COVID-19 that I wanted to veer away from,” said de Rossi. 

According to her, all her film commitments were moving in to 2021. “I love my life. My life is more important than the Balangiga bells,” she stated in an online response to filmmaker Arman Reyes who gave her cellphone number to the Talent Coordinator of the Balangiga movie. 

“Balangiga: 1901” is about the carnage of many American soldiers in Balangiga, Eastern Samar who invaded the town and ruled imperially to the disdain of the natives. To free themselves of the occupation, the people of the community led by Capt. Valeriano Abanador (played by AJ Falcon), rang the bells of the San Lorenzo de Martir Church which signaled the attack of the Filipino warriors. 

Lala, Roi’s daughter with a former band vocalist and talent manager is also a singer. As a matter of fact, she was a finalist to the “The Voice Teens” talent search. 

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