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Manila Water builds shower facilities at WTC

Manila Water has partnered with the Ayala Group and other companies in converting the World Trade Center (WTC) into a fully operational healthcare and quarantine facility for COVID-19 patients.

The facility, dubbed “WTC: We Heal As One Center,” can accommodate more than 500 patients and healthcare workers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Team.

Manila Water built 27 shower facilities with hot and cold water throughout WTC for COVID-19 patients while 10 more for by frontliners and medical workers. 

The company also provided three static water tanks to ensure continuous supply and adequate water pressure for the showers. A 10-cubic meter collapsible tank is connected to the shower facilities while another 5-cubic meter tank was installed for drinking water. An additional 15-cubic meter tank was also provided for back-up water supply.

Meanwhile, Manila Water’s Healthy Family Purified Water and the Manila Water Foundation deployed 25 dispensers and 50 units of 5-gallon water bottles for the drinking water requirements of the facility.

Robert Baffrey, Manila Water’s Group Director for Corporate Project Management, said the team completed the task in 12 days, finishing on April 11, despite the enhanced community quarantine. “In close coordination with partners within and outside the Ayala Group, our colleagues worked round-the-clock and stayed on-site, even during Holy Week, to complete construction.”

“Construction was closely monitored to ensure that shower and drinking facilities were available to the healthcare facility as early as possible,” Baffrey said. “It was a privilege to be part of this unified inter-organizational effort done in the spirit of service and compassion for our countrymen – both patients and frontliners – in the battle against COVID-19,” Baffrey added.

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