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Planned epidemic

Among the COVID-19 conspiracy theories that titillated many, one stands out. For security purposes, the whistleblower’s name will not be mentioned. Let’s refer to him as WB.

The revelations of WB are backed by tons of data, names of actual persons and traces its origins some decades ago.

As a well-respected microbiologist, WB collaborated with equally credible colleagues in identifying the source of HIV to be able to find a cure.

Their research started in the study of chronic fatigue syndrome which they discovered is not psychological but is caused by a virus.

When their findings on the HIV research was published in the Science journal, the usual discussion and debate from other scientists ensued.

WB believed that if their findings were pursued, a cure for HIV could have been found.

Instead, WB’s life not only got threatened but was eventually ruined. Their work was discredited by other scientists. WB was jailed for five days in 2011 without any charges. WB’s family finances went bankrupt.

WB blamed the big pharmaceutical companies for the conspiracy to bury their findings.

Fast-forward to today – WB is speaking out after the gag order had lapsed. WB suddenly became relevant because of COVID-19.

WB wrote a book detailing the group’s findings and their conclusions. The dissertation published in the Science journal was recalled.

WB was recently interviewed and posted online but it was pulled out by Facebook and Youtube. They discredited the statements made in the interview and the book.

WB postulated that big drug companies had used the FBI and other government agencies to discredit their findings.

The purpose is to corner the vaccine used for HIV. And that the same is happening today to corner any vaccine for COVID-19.

WB claims people who disagreed with their findings are now in high government posts. WB believes drug companies are again manipulating the response to COVID-19.

In the banned interview video, several frontline doctors said they were surprised at the official government response they were supposed to follow. The doctors said actual condition of COVID patients did not require those mandated protocols. It is as if government health officials were unaware of frontline conditions and did not know what they were doing.

WB believes what happened to them back in 2011 is happening now. WB is speaking to denounce the huge influence of drug companies on government response to the current crisis.

It is no longer a fight who among the pharmaceuticals will get to produce and profit from an effective COVID vaccine. WB states that certain government officials are rushing to get patents on possible COVID vaccines to earn billions in royalties.

While social media today freely show images and stories regarding black American George Floyd, it is totally surprising why social media had blacked out WB and their exposes. It makes one think if WB is being silenced for telling the truth. With millions of lives at stake, why is this conspiracy theory not allowed to be discussed? WB had named names and yet media keep branding WB as a discredited scientist. This story should keep investigative journalists hounding sources but they are not. Why?

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