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Singer Ray-An Fuentes and wife critical of COVID-19

Music artists Ray-An Fuentes and wife Mei-ling are fighting for their lives at this moment.

Ray-An and Meiling were admitted in a still unnamed hospital in Currey, British Columbia yesterday for contracting the virulent COVID-19.

In Ray-An’s Facebook posts yesterday, he stated very emotionally yet lovingly and piously: “Dear LORD please don’t let this be the saddest Christmas for the Fuentes family.”

Fuentes related their situation: “COVID STATUS: Both Mei-ling and I have been admitted in the hospital with Mei-ling being the hardest hit. She has difficulty breathing and had to be intubated at the ICU .

“I am sending this note to my wife. I don’t know if she can read or respond: Sweetie, I know how difficult this must be for you. You definitely are the anchor of the family. But the virus has taken life from us.

“If you feel that you don’t want to fight this thing anymore, just “whisper” in my spirit and we can both go home together. Without you, my life is meaningless.

“We’ve lived a full life – 42 years of God’s amazing grace. My only regret is I didn’t treat you much better than you deserve. That’s on me. But through the years one thing became increasingly clear: You are definitely God’s gift to me.”

Ray-An popularized the famous optimistic song “Umagang Kay Ganda” with another jazz singer Tillie Moreno.“Umagang Kay Ganda” song was adapted by ABS-CBN as a title of their former early morning show, “Umagang Kay Ganda” or “UKG.”

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